Today’s Forecast

Saturday Evening Forecast Update from Meteorologist Justin Goldstein

Tonight:  Snow continues this evening.  Snow will slowly taper off in western Connecticut from west to east.  Approaching dusk, snow can collect on paved roads.  Snow shuts off around midnight statewide.  Icy patches will form on untreated roads.  Low:  20-25.

Tomorrow:  Lots of sun, with a few thin, high clouds; well below normal temperatures.  High:  37-39.

Monday:  A couple of morning snow or mixed rain/snow showers, then milder, with some clearing.  High:  47-48.

Tuesday:  Early hazy sun, lost to clouds, and rain showers in the afternoon and evening.  There can be snow and rain/snow mixed showers Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning.  High:  48.

Wednesday:  Sun and clouds; cool.  High:  45.

Thursday:  More clouds than sun, with rain showers arriving late day.  High:  48-55.

Friday:  Mostly cloudy, but mild and muggy.  High:  55-58.

Next Saturday:  Cloudy and cool, with a chance of rain or snow; depending on the storm track.  High:  45.

Next Sunday:  A chilly mix of clouds and sun.  High:  40.