Today’s Forecast

Saturday Evening Forecast Update from Meteorologist Justin Goldstein



Tonight:  Clouds on the increase, with the breeze picking up overnight.  Low:  45-48.


Tomorrow:  More clouds than sun, perhaps a brief sprinkle; blustery and cooler.  High:  58-59.


Monday:  Sun and clouds; breezy.  High:  58-60.


Tuesday:  Lots of sunshine, warmer and breezy.  High:  70-75.


Wednesday:  Lots of clouds, with scattered showers, especially early in the day.  High:  65.


Thursday:  Plenty of sun; cooler.  High:  55.


Halloween Friday:  Lots of clouds; cool and blustery.  High:  52-55.


Next Saturday:  Lots of clouds, chilly and blustery with scattered showers.  High:  45-48.


Next Sunday:  Clouds, cold and gusty, with scattered rain and snow showers; no accumulation.  High:  38-42.