UConn Kevin Ollie

UConn basketball staff will not go to Indiana’s Final Four

UConn men’s basketball coach Kevin Ollie and other members of the team’s staff will not travel to Indianapolis for the NCAA Tournament’s Fin…

nanny hidden cameras

Nanny cameras in the home

Monday, police said a nanny camera caught a babysitter burning a three-year-old’s hands and legs on a burner.


Google Maps turn into Pac-Man game

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The virtual streets of Google Maps are being transformed into Pac-Man’s chomping grounds in celebration of April Fools’…

Andrea Lubitz (AP Photo/Michael Mueller)

Lufthansa: Co-pilot told flight school of depressive episode

Lufthansa knew six years ago that the co-pilot of the passenger plane that crashed in the French Alps last week had suffered from a “serious…