Reality TV producer talks breast cancer gene in men

Alan Blassberg.
Alan Blassberg.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Alan Blassberg, a former West Hartford guy, is now a reality TV producer/director in Los Angeles. His personal reality you just can’t make up. It centers around cancer, a lot of it.

Blassberg’s grandmother, aunt, and sister, Sammy, all died from cancer.

Another sister Lisa, and he as well, have tested positive for the BRCA 2 gene that can mute into cancer.

He’s putting his life into a documentary to educate others about cancer with an emphasis on the fact that men can carry the gene that produces breast cancer.

“I really want to punch home the blue…there may not be a huge percentage of men dying, but they’re dying and somebody needs to say something about it or at least pay attention to it, know it’s out there. People I talk to more, people that don’t know men can get breast cancer or test positive for the BRCA gene, it hurts and more and more when I hear this, and people in the medical profession are saying they don’t know. It just makes me, I just get more focused,” said Blassberg.

“You have the BRCA 2 gene is there, anything prophatacly that you should do, should is every six months. I should get a breast exam and I’ve had a “manogram” which is a mammogram, so every six months. But the doctor, I’ve also brought up what about a double prohalatci mastectomy for myself and the percentage is up 12% for breast cancer. As long as I do maintenance and watch it, I feel I’m okay in that realm. I trust my doctor enough, never realized what a mammogram actually entailed,” said Blassberg.

Blassberg is trying to get his story out to educate people about BRCA gene 2 in women and men. As a producer/director, he is in the process of shooting a documentary called “Pink and Blue” and he wants to get it on television and in film festivals.

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