Chris Velardi

Chris Velardi

When Chris Velardi joined News 8 in June of 2000, it marked a homecoming for the Branford native. You can watch Chris on weekday mornings anchoring “Good Morning Connecticut”.

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Before returning to Connecticut, Chris worked as a reporter and anchor at television stations in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Ithaca, New York. He also worked at a number of radio stations, as both a news reporter and a disc jockey. He got his start in journalism while he was still in high school, landing a job as a sports reporter for the Branford Review.

Chris is a graduate of Syracuse University. He lives with his wife and two children on the shoreline.

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8 Things you didn’t know about Chris Velardi

Favorite memory / story from working at News 8?

The stories that stand out are the stories that were that toughest to tell – 9/11 and the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School (12/14/12). Coincidentally, I was off both of those days, but I came to work after hearing about what had happened. In both cases, I felt a tremendous responsibility to provide information, to separate fact from fiction and to help viewers understand stories that, quite frankly, were impossible to understand. In situations like that, we’re all trying to process our emotions – our sadness, our fear, our anger. We’re all in it together and that’s a powerful thing.

What inspired you to work in news?

I was a “news junkie” as a kid. I always wanted to know what was going on in the world, in my country, in my state and in my town. But I didn’t just watch WHAT was being covered. I watched HOW it was covered… and WHO covered it. And I wanted to be part of it.

What is your favorite restaurant in New Haven?

What’s next? Are you going to ask me to pick my favorite child? I can’t choose – I love the tradition of Sally’s Pizza and the modern approach of Miya’s Sushi. I love Claire’s vegetarian fare and Prime 16’s burgers. And, by the way, I love a bunch of restaurants in my hometown of Branford, too.

Who is your favorite musician/ band and/or best concert you ever been to?

Billy Joel, James Taylor, Michael Buble – performers who really enjoy what they do put on great concerts. But, as a former Top-40 disc jockey (I spent some time on KC101 back in the early 90s) I still like listening to the pop music my kids like. Most of it, anyway…

What’s the best dish you can make?

What are you hungry for?

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

A trip to Italy is on my bucket list. But in the meantime, my family enjoys seeing the world by walking through Epcot’s World Showcase in Walt Disney World.

What’s something you don’t know about me?

I was a musical theater guy in high school – I had roles in Hello Dolly, West Side Story, Guys and Dolls and Fiddler on the Roof.*

*If you’re from Branford, you may actually know this about me.

What are your hobbies / hidden talents?

I’m training to be the next American Ninja Warrior. Okay, not really. But man, that would be cool…

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