Jeff Valin

Jeff Valin

Jeff Valin was a member of the News 8 team from March, 2012, until March, 2014.

A familiar face to Connecticut viewers, Jeff anchored the show awarded AP Best Newscast in 2010 at the Fox affiliate in Hartford, where he also reported. He has also anchored and/or reported in Boston, Springfield, MA, and New Hampshire.

Before and between some of those gigs, Jeff began his television news career in Yuma, AZ, and later anchored a morning show in Calgary, Canada, where his feature series “In Your Shoes” was named Best News Feature by the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association in 2006.

Look closely and you just might notice Jeff occasionally wearing his favorite mixed pair of cufflinks on air: one bearing the Stars and Stripes, the other boasting the Maple Leaf, honoring his dual citizenship in the United States and Canada.

Jeff hails originally from Boston but has lived in Connecticut since 2008. When he’s not on the air, Jeff can sometimes be seen in the air, honing his skills as a paraglider pilot, something he took up while living in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. After his landing gear (feet) are back on earth they’re apt to be clad in dancing shoes for his drum pedals, bicycling cleats, hockey skates, ski boots, or – best of all – bare on the beaches of the Connecticut shoreline.

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