Justin Goldstein

2016-06-03 justin-goldstein-bio

Meteorologist Justin Goldstein joined Storm Team 8 in December of 2013.

Before coming to News 8, Meteorologist Justin Goldstein could be found forecasting weather around the country.  Getting his start at News 12 in Connecticut, Justin has also done the weather in Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Toledo, and Charleston.

While his last name may sound familiar to long-time News 8 viewers, Justin is not related to long-time meteorologist, Dr. Mel Goldstein.

A native of Staten Island, Justin is a graduate of Kean University in New Jersey.



8 Things you didn’t know about Justin Goldstein

Favorite memory / story from working in television news?

June 5 and 6, 2010, I was working in Detroit, MI.  We had a late night/overnight severe weather outbreak, that lasted continuously for hours; several tornadoes touched down and caused damage.  While I am not a fan of destructive weather, why this will always stay with me is because it was the first time in my career where I learned what the importance of local news is.  My station was the only station to provide complete, live wall to wall coverage, and the viewers turned to us, and appreciated our commitment to their safety and well being.  That is why News 8’s “We’ve Got Your Back” philosophy is a no brainer to me!

What inspired you to work in news/weather?  

At the age of three, I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist.  My dad took me to the beach of the town I grew up in (Staten Island) during Hurricane Gloria.  The power of the weather and the ocean had me intrigued; and still does to this day!

What is your favorite restaurant in Connecticut? 

I’m still exploring new restaurants, but so far, I’m a fan of Roia in New Haven and Leon’s in North Haven.  Also, anywhere I can get a hot lobster or crab roll and steamers, I’ll be there!

Who is your favorite musician/ band and/or best concert you ever been to?

I can’t say I have a favorite band, but I do love 80s music.  I get teased by the News 8 staff on a regular basis, because I’m blasting something 80s while assembling the forecast.  The best concert I’ve seen to date is probably Jackson Browne in Detroit?  Why?  Simple; he played for over 3 hours, no warm up, no opening act, and he played a great blend…a few new songs, and most of his hits.  Isn’t that what you want when you see a band in concert?

What’s the best dish you can make?

This guy can cook!  Asian ginger-garlic shrimp with brown rice, homemade pasta with Italian sausage and orange teriyaki grilled flank steaks are some of my specialties!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Some places on my bucket list are Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, the arctic, Alaska, Hawaii, Germany/Bavaria, Austria, Russia, and Scandinavia.  Also, I’d like to visit all of the MLB stadiums.

What’s something you don’t know about me?

The most obscure jobs I’ve had include working as a summer camp maintenance worker, and Chinese food delivery boy.  I’ve come a long way:)

What are your hobbies / hidden talents?

Baseball, softball, football, traveling, cooking, boating, flying, occasional trips to the casino.