Eastern corner expected to see most snow

Norwich plow truck gets ready for storm.
Norwich plow truck gets ready for storm.

NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH)– Along the shore, the snow started a bit later Tuesday afternoon, but areas near Mystic and New London are expected to see the most snowfall when it’s all said and done.

The far south eastern corner of the state is expected to see 10 to 12 inches of snow by Wednesday morning.

Snow started falling in Norwich at around noon and the town crews are all ready for it. They have the plows on the trucks and these trucks will be heading out to treat the roads, that way as more snow falls it melts.

25 plow trucks ready to roll in the Rose City, where old man winter and mother nature have joined forces for what could be a fierce snowstorm.

“It will be a very long night. Try to keep the guys kind of in the yard, moving at a comfortable pace cause they’re going to be up most of the night, if not all night,” said Angelo Yeitz, Noriwch Public Utilities.

The timing of this snow both bad and good. Most will fall overnight so it will cost the city more in overtime but it also makes clearing the streets easier.

“We like to see it at night just for that purpose there’s less traffic on the road that we have to deal with. School buses are all tucked away for the night,” said Yeitz.

Buses at Norwich Free Academy also started rolling at noon for early dismissal before the roads got bad.

“I’m actually very excited I’m not in school. School’s interesting but we’re on mid terms,” said JT DeMario, Norwich student.

A bit of break and a little extra time to study but students know they’ll still have to make it up later.

“Hopefully we do have school tomorrow because I don’t want to make it up during summertime, stay in the blazing heat later on,” said Ryan Osuba, Norwich student.

Now that seems like a lifetime away.

Of course there is a parking ban in effect in the city, as well as surrounding towns and that really helps out as these big trucks often have to go down some very narrow streets.

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