Blumenthal calling for changes at Metro North

MTA train

(WTNH)–Thousands of passengers from Connecticut to New York were delayed for hours Thursday night when dozens of trains simply stopped on the Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says human error was to blame for a two-hour Metro-North outage. Computers that run the railroads’s signal system lost power. Transportation officials say a disconnected wire was overlooked by technicians who were trying to replace a power supply unit.

Senator Richard Blumenthal told News 8 that there needs to be new leadership at Metro North that evaluates all of its practices and procedures during routine maintenance. He said this incident should be added to an ongoing investigation conducted by the Federal Railroad administration.

“It illustrates human error that repeatedly has caused accidents, derailments, crashes, outages, and grave inconvenience and safety and reliability of the railroad itself,” Blumenthal said.

News 8 caught up with commuters who left metro-north in the dust for a ride on a bus.

“They are supposed to be reliable in their business. They need to be on point all the time,” said commuter Joe Manna.

“It was cheaper and it was fine, so maybe that should be a different strategy for people,” said Griclda Gomez.

Still, people who depend on Metro North for public transportation say they have no choice but to keep riding the rails.

“An investigation should be done, because there are too many problems, too many accidents,” said Mercy Garcia.

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