No mail for a week in Hamden


HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — No mail delivery for a week; that was the complaint from some businesses in Hamden.

Dougan’s Automotive in Hamden is open for business, but the mailbox out front was closed for days. He got mail last Friday, but nothing on Saturday.

“Monday was a holiday. I figured by Tuesday we would have a wad of mail in there, and there was no mail. There was no Wednesday, there was none Thursday,” said Gary Dougan.

And it’s not just him. A string of businesses along State Street in Hamden are complaining about the same thing. From Elm City Cheese to Superior Spring. A week with no mail. And businesses get a lot of time-sensitive mail.

“Receivables, credit card bills, regular bills,” Dougan said. “I can’t have my bills late. And being in business, it’s like your home and you’ve got three bills coming in. There’s stacks of bills coming in.”

There’s something extra frustrating for all those businesses too. When you call the Brewery Street Post Office in New Haven, which is the central post office for that area, you get a voicemail system. And when you hit the number for inquiries, it rings a few times and you get a very un-elpful message.

“You have been forwarded to a voicemail system. However, the person at 7283 does not subscribe to this service. Goodbye.”

So that’s the irony, the Post Office doesn’t have its mailbox set up.

A spokesperson for the post office said the problem on Tuesday was mailboxes were not properly plowed. Dougan says he personally plowed his mailboxout at 6 a.m. The rest of the week, the spokesperson says the problem was “staffing challenges.”

After Dougan told someone at the post office that News 8 was going to have his back on this he finally found a few pieces of mail in his box. However, nothing compared to the amount he was expecting.

“50-60 pieces, and I went out this morning and got about 14 pieces, so there’s still mail missing,” he said.

The postal service spokesperson apologized and said all back mail will be delivered today. This is an isolated incident.

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