PD: physician busted for sex assault

Dr. Khosro Pourkavoos.
Dr. Khosro Pourkavoos.

AVON, Conn. (WTNH) — An Avon physician was arrested Wednesday for allegedly sexually assaulting patients during medical visits, police said.

According to police, a female made a complaint with the department in June 2013 against her physician, 51-year-old Dr. Khosro Pourkavoos, alleging that he had sexually assaulted her during medical office visits.

While investigating police identified other potential female patients who may have been sexually assaulted during office visits.

Police said a second victim, located through information posted online, gave a sworn statement alleging that she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Pourkavoos during office visits.

Pourkavoos is licensed with the state as a family medicine physician and currently has a medical practice at 35 Nod Road, in Avon.

Pourkavoos is charged with 2nd-degree sexual assault and three counts of 4th-degree sexual assault.

Pourkavoos is scheduled to appear in court in Hartford on February 5th.

Pourkavoos’ attorney provided the following statement:

“Dr. Pourkavoos has served his community over many years.  He has a wonderful and professional relationship with thousands of patients during his lengthy career as their family physician.  He has provided the highest quality of care to his patients and has earned an excellent reputation in his community.   He is very concerned about these hurtful and unexpected allegations from last Summer and will continue to try to understand why these statements were made.

Out of respect for confidentiality,  and in consideration of his very positive relationship with his patients, the doctor will not comment further publicly about their credibility.  As a doctor who has earned an exemplary reputation, he remains committed to all of his patients and will allow the fairness of the judicial process to clear his good name.”

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