Newton-Foster Home Care Agency discharging all patients


Newton-Foster Home Care Agency has discharged all of its patients after its founder said it could not afford to pay its employees.

At least 40 patients are now looking for another home health care agency. Another 40-plus employees are in need of a job, and some haven’t been paid in four to five weeks.

Founder Patricia Newton-Foster told News 8 that she wants to pay the employees, but that she never received money from the Connecticut Department of Social Services.

“It’s weird because back in November we went through this, but it only got up to a two-week period. That’s why we as employees stuck it out ,” said Adria McKnight, a home health care aid at Newton-Foster. “But once it got to four weeks, I knew there was a problem.”

Newt0n-Foster told News 8 that she plans on paying her employees, and would like to rebuild the agency.

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