Youth group in Orange stays out in the cold to raise money for homeless

Orange youth group

A group of teens from Orange spent Friday night and part of Saturday living outdoors in the freezing cold to spread awareness for homelessness. It was all a part of the Habitat for Humanity Freeze Out.

The youth group is a part of the Orange Congregational Church. They slept outside from 6 p.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Saturda, living in a self-made cardboard box. The group hopes the effort will help people understand the importance of providing homes for those who need them.

“You don’t really get a sense of how bad it is to live out in these conditions, so I think the sense of gratitude for what I have and also a sense of pride in what I am doing are the biggest things I’ve learned so far,” said participant Jake Noies.

The group said they were hoping to raise $2,000 to go toward a family in need.

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