Cars repeatedly crash into Southington home

Southington home


SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (WTNH)– Four people are in the hospital and one family is living in fear after a vehicle crashed into a Southington home. But it’s not the first time something like this has happened at that house.

“Oh that’s where they came into the house, this is where they came into the house, yep. The car was resting right up into the house,” said Charles Chapman.

At the end of busy Southington side streets sits Charles Chapman’s house. A peaceful home, but a magnet for accidents.

“I looked out the window and sure enough there was a car right up against the house,” said Chapman.

The vehicle stopped just short of his living room.

“They destroyed that fence, busted right through that and the front of the car ended up coming right in through the house,” said Chapman.

But this isn’t first time a vehicle has ended up on Chapman’s property.

“In the middle of the night somebody had come struck the fence, it was a drunk driver,” said Chapman. “The second time somebody came down the street, smashed into the fence, came right up to the porch.”

Southington house crash

The Chapman family doesn’t think their home is being repeatedly crashed into at random. They think the reason so many vehicles have collided with their property is the traffic on the street and that they say can be controlled.

“Bigger stop signs, more signage, there a utility box that might be obstructing a sight line for people coming down the street,” said Chapman.

Chapman says in the current state, the intersection where his home lies will eventually lead to a more serious accident and he shared his fears with officials from the town of Southington.

“I had warned them that this is a busy area, a lot of pedestrians and some day there is going to be a fatality,” said Chapman.

He says with this third accident he is finally getting their attention.

“The town manager called me today, the police chief visited me today, along with the town engineer,” said Chapman.

Officials with the Southington Fire Department says the injures of the four people in the car that crashed into that house were minor.

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