Windham Home Invaders Appear in Court

Windham home invasion suspect

DANIELSON, Conn. (WTNH) – State police troopers arrested Carlos Nadal, 23, of Danielson, and Cristhian Gonzalez-Diaz, 32, of Windham,  in connection with a home invasion in Windham.

The crime happened at a home  on Back Road on January 20th. Two children who were home alone hid inside the home during the break-in. It took state police 90 minutes to respond to the home for the initial call.

Both suspects appeared in court today. Nadal left Danielson superior court after posting a $50,000 bond. The 23-year-old, along with 32-year-old  Gonzalez-Diaz (who is still behind bars held on $200,000) are accused of breaking into the Windham home last week.

The fourteen-year-old girl, who hid in the bathroom with her brother, told state police “…she was scared and nervous and her brother was terrified.”

Broken door of home invasion in Windham, Jan. 2014.

Broken door of home invasion in Windham, Jan. 2014.

Court papers reveal that police were able to track down the suspects, because a family friend stopped by the house and identified Nadal’s car. Nadal claims only Gonzalez-Diaz, who has a criminal history, went into the home. His attorney disagrees.

She points to the girl’s statement that “she could hear two (2) voices and they were conversing in Spanish; she heard no English.” Another witness also saw two men flee the house.

Both suspects are charged in the burglary and with animal cruelty for allegedly kicking the family dog down the basement stairs.

While the parents praise state police for catching the suspects, they still want answers as to why the dispatcher didn’t send anyone for more than an hour.

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