Poor Conditions at Griswold Animal Control

Griswold dog kennel

GRISWOLD, Conn. (WTNH) – The reason folks are so upset can be seen right inside the first kennel. Next to the dog there are several piles of poop and the people who are supposed to clean it up were just there.

The sister of the Griswold Animal Control officer confronts these women who want to volunteer and help the part time Animal Control officer walk dogs and clean kennels more than once a day.

kennel volunteers

“Even the last time it was cleaned, it was just shoveled out and then left in front of each kennel for that dog to still smell and have in front of them,” said Lora Rainer.

In addition to the dirty kennels…

“This door is dangerous. Some of the dogs have sores on them and this hound has diarrhea. The ACO’s family took him to a veterinarian to be checked out,” said Rainer.

“This place is cleaned every single day. The pans are cleaned every single day. They are washed and fed every single day,” said Corrine Coughlin, the sister of the Animal Control Officer.

“It really hurts my heart to think the pit bull on the end has been living in that for fifteen months,” said Rainer.

The first selectman has taken the first steps to help these volunteers get started and get this kennel in good shape.

“Maybe regional services are something to look at. Maybe enhancing the services we have in our own community, but again we are basically at an investigative stage at this point,” said First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck.

Whether these folks get to volunteer, or the town does something else with this shelter we will let you know what happens.

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