Voice of the People: Jan. 30, 2014

WTNH– From tax refunds to Justin Bieber, you weighed in on a lot this week. Here’s tonight’s voice of the people.

“It’s all well and good that they are going to give this refund but they have seem to have forgotten there are many seniors in the State of Connecticut who don’t earn enough money to file income tax. We’re good enough to pay the sales tax or your along in the tax, and I’ll gasoline and everything. But under this proposal, it’s only people who have filed state income tax, so we’re gonna get this refund. I think. Perhaps they should. At least consider these folks,” said Ed Shelton.

“These people that work for the state have gotta be held accountable if we were in the private sector they’d be dismissed. I think they should resign or the governor should say you’re fired,” said Al, Mystic.

“I really don’t care what Justin Bieber does  and I’m tired of seeing him. But you guys do great work other than that,” said Christine, Groton.

“I think he’s a spoiled brat and I think he needs to be taught a lesson either in Canada or the united states. He needs to do some time. He needs to spend time with the big boys,” said Lillian, New Haven.

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