Residents forced to move out of Meriden building after collapse

Meriden resident

It’s been just over two weeks since a wall collapsed at a building in Meriden, forcing out residents and businesses.

On Friday, those people were being told they still could not return home.

Tina Girouard is a mother of three who’s packing up everything she has after a partial building collapse earlier this month forced her and the dozens that called the building home out on the streets.

“It’s a fresh beginning, but you don’t really want to move because it is a pain. I have so many belongings here, I was here five years,” said Girouard. “My whole life is up there.”

“It’s been a struggle trying to find an apartment in the winter, in such short time,” Girouard said.

It’s the result the property manager, Gabriel Mulero, told News 8 that day because nothing was done to stop it.

Mulero also told News 8 the company he works for, Primer Property Managment Services, would put all those that lived here up in hotels until the building was deemed safe again

Girouard said that never happened.

“You would think that they would want to look out for their tenants, but yet we’re in this predicament,” Girouard said.

On the day authorities shut down the buidling, News 8 met Ellen Parks, who owned a harstyling business on the first floor.

Since we last met, she’s moved her company down the street.

“It’s not ready, but it’s looking bright,” she said.

They’re moving forward because they can’t move back.

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