Snow piling up in southeastern Connecticut

making snow balls

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH)– Schools across the state were closed Monday because of the winter weather. Even Bradley Airport had to cancel some departing and arriving flights.

Out there in southeastern Connecticut, the snow was really falling.

A winter wonderland especially on the side roads. Snow piling up and folks digging out.

“It’s wet and heavy snow but it’s pretty, it makes the world beautiful that’s for sure,” said Darlene Orlando, Pawcatuck.

It’s a scene we’ve seen before along the shoreline as coastal storms make their return.

New London snow

“I don’t mind. I just said to my husband I’m going to go out and have fun,” said Orlando.

TJ Manuel and his cousin Elijah Robinson know that heavy wet snow makes for some good fun.

“Having a big snowball fight and building a snow man. We’re going to make it as big as that,” said Robinson.

Looks like they’re off to a good start. In New London, where it was as much foggy and it was snowy, News 8 ran into the Ant Man who has a creative way to deal with the weather.

“This works because there’s wet clingy snow so no matter what you wear, it’s going to get wet,” said ‘Ant Man’.

He says that plastic bag keeps him dry and holds in the heat.

“Sold exclusively at any convenient store,” said ‘Ant Man’.

Still the snow and all the delays and clean up that come with it is getting a little old for some.

“I’m ready for it to end a little bit. I feel like it’s been a lot but you know it’s all good,” said James Levesque, New London.

Obviously the commute home can be pretty dangerous so we want folks just to take their time so they can make it home safely.


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