Teacher’s electric bill more than $700

electric bill

PAWCATUCK, Conn. (WTNH)– A teacher from Pawcatuck came to News 8 looking for answers after receiving an electric bill for more than $700.

During the winter you do expect your electric bill to go up because usage goes up, but the owner of a condo never expected what he saw these last two months.

Patrick Kirker’s condo is about 700 square feet so when he got last month’s electric bill…

“I think I instantly had a heart attack,” said Kirker.

His electric rate through Discount Power was no discount in December. That rate 14.49 cents per kilowatt hour. Then in January it jumped again to 21.9 cents. So his November bill of $250 went to more than $540 in December and up to $721 in January.

“For 700 square feet an electric bill of $721, you’d think overall I’m heating the entire condo association,” said Kirker.

Many are experiencing these enormous bills because they switched their electrical supplier and got a variable rate. We had Patrick call Discount Power.

Electricity prices have increased dramatically.

He was told fixed rates weren’t offered until March.

But Discount Power did let him switch suppliers with no penalty.  Others have charged hefty termination fees. Patrick then called CL&P to make the switch back effective immediately.

“Which is obviously when the warm weather comes about,” said Kirker. “I know you folks have the segment ‘We got your back’ and I just figured well if anything if there’s an opportunity to just to raise awareness that people can switch to fixed rates.”

News8 has learned legislators are also looking at these variable rates. Discount Power’s rate has now gone down to 16.9 cents but that’s still about 7 cents higher than CL&P.

And for Patrick that could mean an extra couple of hundred dollars on his next bill.

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