Convenience store clerk stabbed

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) –Hit twice in two days by thieves, but the outcome was terrifying the second time. On Saturday and Monday night, a Citgo Gas Station in North Haven was robbed by a masked man with a knife.

Monday night’s incident was pretty scary but the victim says it was much worse for his wife. When he didn’t answer her calls, she worried because it was snowing so she drove from Stratford. When she walked through the doors, she was horrified.

Just as Arsene Neabian was getting ready to close the Citgo gas station Monday night, he thought he had one last customer for a second.

“When I saw he was wearing a ski mask, I said, ‘he’s somebody else,” said Neabian.

That somebody was a thief demanding money.

“He tried to go behind and show me his knife and I said you can’t go there,” said Neabian.

That made him angry so he stabbed Neabian  in the back of his neck.

After that, he doesn’t remember much until over two hours later, his wife showed up after not hearing from him.

“I was laying down bleeding and when my wife came and she called 9-1-1.  I didn’t know when I woke up that I was in the hospital,” said Neabian.

For obvious reasons Neabian is all smiles as he spoke to News 8′s Erin Logan.

He says he never expected this after his co-worker, a 21-year-old employee, was robbed Saturday night by a masked man but wasn’t hurt.  He handed over the money.

He didn’t want to show his face.

When asked if he thinks he’s the same person, the employee said, “I believe so because he did it once, so maybe he’s not scared to do it twice.”

But he refuses to let anyone scare him from his job.

When asked if he’s going to come back to work, Neabian said,”of course. I like my job.”

He says in the meantime, he just has to reassure his wife.

“She saw me bleeding and she was scared,” said Neabian.

Naebian says other than a masked man with light skin, he couldn’t give a description. The 21 year-old employee says the man who robbed on Saturday also has lighter skin and a medium build. He took off alone in a smashed maroon Mitsubishi.

If you know anything, call North Haven Police.

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