New London Coast Guard Academy cadets teach at New Haven school

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A magnet school in New Haven was invaded Tuesday  by a group of Coast Guard cadets. It was an experience the cadets and the young students will likely remember for a very long time.

Dressed to the nines in blue uniforms, twenty cadets from the Coast Guard Academy in New London came to the Martinez Magnet school in New Haven to try their hand at teaching.

It was all part of a Junior Achievement program to help kids as young as kindergardeners learn more about money.

“It’s just teaching kids how to deal with money and also kind of plan things out to start with the youngest grade and then work up,” said Ellie Wu, US Coast Guard cadet.

The young students were impressed by their visitors.

“Because they help us so much,” said Jose Martinez, student.

When asked if she’s having fun, Mylia Martinez, a student said,”yes, because I like it.”

It was also clearly fun for the cadets who enjoyed the chance to do some ‘hands-on’ community service work.

And although these kids are still learning about pennies, nickels and dimes, Tuesday’s special lesson plan might just plant the seeds for future careers in the military.

“I don’t know, I think they’ll be interested further down the line, but right now they’re really young,”  said Wu.

But with a whole world of possibilities in the years ahead.

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