Delays & Cancellations at Bradley Airport


WINSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WTNH)– Another delay and cancellation plagued day for air travelers around the northeast and here in Connecticut.

Just before four this afternoon, Bradley Airport had canceled 46 departing flights and 49 flights arriving.

That on top of four departure delays and eight arrival delays.

The state’s largest airport has remained open all day but being open doesn’t mean anything when the entire region is snow and ice bound.

Bradley operations says that removing all the snow will take several more days but the airport will remain open at all times.

About half of the 200 daily flights into and out of Bradley were cancelled Wednesday and Thursday may not be much better.

“What we’ll really be watching is tonight to make sure our terminating flights can get in because those are the flights that make up tomorrow morning’s departures,” said Kevin Dillon, Bradley Airport.

The largest hotel there, the Sheraton Hartford at Bradley is sold out for the sixth time this winter because of flight cancellations and delays.


For many business travelers this is becoming a frequent headache this year.

“This is probably the fourth or fifth time this year where it’s been, in the northeast corridor, because I travel the northeast corridor for work…and it’s been a disaster all year,” said David Yazbek,Pittsburgh, PA.

“Six o’clock this morning and we’re headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee,” said Jeremey Thompson. When asked what’s the next one out, Thompson said,”six o’clock this afternoon.”

Jeremey and his crew couldn’t get a room at the Sheraton but have managed to book one at one of the other hotels ringing the airport.

Plenty of others are just waiting it out in the terminal.

“I’m trying to get down to D.C. to see my sister. She’s having a baby, I was hoping to get down there early,” said Bridget Grim, Belchertown, MA.

There are 33 flights that are scheduled to come there Wednesday night from places that are snow and ice bound.

“If those thirty-three flights did not come and terminate here tonight, you know you’re going to have an impact of least thirty-three departures in the morning,” said Dillon.

“I’ve been traveling for thirty years, it’s probably the worst year in thirty years,” said Yazbek.

So, if you have a flight from Bradley Thursday, be sure you check before you head out there.

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