Snow impacting daily business

man falling in snow

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH)– This latest snow storm certainly changed how people were going about their daily business.

It is the beginning of February and people say they’ve had enough. Missing trips to the gym, driving at a snails pace, and feeling that frosty headache over the mess.

It’s tough out here in the winter time.

“Nature of the beast, you live in New England this is what you deal with,” said Devin Fredkin, Middletown

It’s everywhere .

“I definitely didn’t expect this much. I kind of had to plan my outfit accordingly, get my bean boots on,” said Miranda Gohh, Middletown

And it’s effecting how we live our lives.

“I need to put some sand in there. Try to back up. I’m stuck,” said a man.

From where we go…

“The snow, I love it, but driving, terrible,” said a driver.

To what we do…

“It’s a workout. I would be at the Y this morning so this is my workout for that day,” said Marc Levin, Business Owner.

“Just trying to be able to get myself in and out,” said Fredkin.

But sometimes its not the snow that proves to be the greatest challenge, it’s dealing with it around others.

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