Ex-student enters school, hits teacher with snowball

Snowball throw

Disturbing images captured on a cell phone video show a Bridgeport teen walking into a classroom with a large snowball in hand before allegedly striking a teacher in the face with it.

“He came in the building, went into that teachers classroom and threw a snowball at this teacher and hit her on the side of the face,” said Shivley Willingham, assistant to the superintendent of Bridgeport public schools. 

The victim, who has been a math teacher at Central High School for 16 years, says she was viciously attacked.

“It was hard. I had a lump on the left side of my head from it,” she said.

School officials tell us the former 10th grader was let into the building by a friend.

“He didn’t come in through the main door,” Willingham said. “He came in through the side doors on the spot that’s a vulnerable spot for a lot of our schools.”

The teen was arrested for criminal trespass and assault after showing up on campus hours after the incident. Now school officials are looking into tighter security measures.

“We are going to look at how this happened and what we need to do to cut down on the possibility of this happening again,” Willingham said.

Students tells us they’re worried about it happening again.

“They’ve been asking all the teachers, like, is this going to happen again? Is it going to happen again?” said Holley Huylh, a student at Central High.

“It makes us paranoid inside class,” said Tykeise Wells. “You don’t know what could happen. Someone could come in the school with a gun or something. I’m hoping the school will pick up on security and it will get upgraded.”

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