Police question man who flew drones over crime scene


A car slammed into a building Saturday morning.

The driver died, and police covered his body with a sheet.

They set up police tape, the media arrived, and something began flying overhead.

“This particular drone here, we have been seeing show up at our scenes,” said Lieutenant Brian Foley of Hartford police.

Lawyer: Drones ‘completely legal,’ laws non-existent 

Pedro Rivera was found flying the drone. News 8 had the only cameras there as police approached him. He stopped recording and officers simply took down his information.

Lietunant Foley said on Saturday that Rivera violated federal law because there were other planes in the area.

“The use of drones here in Hartford is going to be very difficult to pass through the FAA with an airport sitting right on top of us,” Foley said.

But on Friday, Foley said their primary concern was the man who lost his life.

“Our main concern in these situations is the victim’s privacy or to maintain officer safety issue at a major event or a major incident. In this case there was still bodies on scene,” he said.

The federal aviation administration says they found out about the incident and that they are investigating. Hartford police say they never contacted them and so far the FAA hasn’t contacted them.

“It’s not our jurisdiction to enforce federal law and that’s pretty much the end of it on our end. It’s new law and we’re following it closely,” Foley said.

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