Fans come out to see Red Sox trophy in Waterbury


WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH)— If you’re a Red Sox fan in Connecticut, you were likely in two specific cities Sunday where the team’s world series trophies were back on display.

Some say they have been Red Sox fans longer than most people have been alive.

“Sixty One Years,” said a man.

So they jumped at the chance to see the 2013 World Series trophy the Red Sox fought to win.

The die hard Red Sox fans are lined up for what they hope won’t be a once in a life time experience

“It’s very special, we are hoping they can repeat next year,” said a fan.

“I got here at 8 o’clock and I think it was definitely worth the wait because you don’t see this everyday,” said Joey Lopes, Red Sox Fan.

The 2013 World Series trophy has been make it’s rounds city to city, stopping Sunday in Waterbury.

red sox fan

“It’s really awesome what they are doing here in Waterbury and I am proud to be a Red Sox fan,” said Lyndsay Whalen, Red Sox Fan.

Fans still getting excited thinking about how the Red Sox tasted glory.

“Down to the last strike, never mind the last out then they come back and beat the Yankees, and they swept three teams,” said Ray Dilinger, Red Sox Fan.

Cameras and cell phones snapped in over time to capture the moment as Red Sox fans got close to the precious trophy, big plans made for what to do with the photos.

“I am going to hang it on my wall right next to all the other posters I got,” said a fan.

The trophies security teams says look all you want, but keep your hands off.

One group of fans leave the Red Sox with encouraging words for next year.

They said, “one Two Three, Go Red Sox!”



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