Caterer closes business, ruins wedding plans

GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– A popular wedding vendor suddenly goes out of business leaving brides and grooms scrambling.

One couple planned to throw a $60,000 wedding in Guilford. Now all those carefully made plans are worthless and they’re left without thousands.

It was a storybook proposal, over dinner at an Italian restaurant. Justin on one knee with the ring, Jordan saying yes! He even did it on 12/12/12. They have been planning ever since.

“Everything has been going really well. The wedding got a little big and exciting and today is three months to the day, May 10th,” said Jordan Plourde, Meriden.

Then last week, bad news, her wedding caterer, Jordan Caterers is out of business, and now their story book wedding canceled.

“They have an exclusive contract with the Guilford Yacht Club. We have no facilities, no caterer, our cake was through the Jordan Caterers as well. Now we are back to square one,” said Plourde.

And they say they are out more than $5,000. They prepaid the caterer, and much more money they will loose for other deposits like photographers are soured by the wedding plans.

“We are going to go to Florida, we have scaled way back, and so it will be small, with family and a couple of friends in Florida,” said Justin Rogers, Meriden.

News 8 called Jordan Caterers to get their side of the story:

“Hello, Hello Jordan. My name is Bob Wilson with News Channel 8. I was calling to get some comment on the record about what is happening with your catering company, why it is shut down. We have had a couple of people call us and they are pretty upset that they aren’t going to be able to have their weddings this year. No comment.”

After the call, the ownership did email News 8 a statement saying:

“We are actively working with others in the catering community to do everything we can to limit the impact on our customers. We are truly sorry for the disruption this decision may cause and are incredibly appreciative of the support we have received over the past three decades.”

Ownership says poor economic times have forced them to close their doors.

“To me that is a breach of the contract, so I asked for the money back, and I haven’t gotten a response yet,” said Rogers.

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