Voice of the People: Feb. 10, 2014

WTNH– Many of you expressing concern tonight over New Haven mayor Toni Harp’s proposal to put a tax on soda. Here’s tonight’s voice of the people.

“Personally I think that’s a total waste of time, people want to drink sugary drinks they’ll go to Hamden, Stratford, Milford, wherever they can get.  I that’s kind of stupid,” said Evelyn, Shelton.

“I really think they should do that, because it would improve people from getting fat,” said Barbara, New Haven.

“I think its awful that the mayor is putting a tax on soda. Shes only in their a month and she’s already raising taxes on things?” said Jane, New Haven.

“I think a two cent tax on soda will not stop people from buying it,” said Marylou, Hamden.

“I am very much against it. There is no need for it. We have so many taxes. we’ve got more more taxes than any big state, what’s the problem?” said Sharon, Watertown.

“I do believe you should put a tax on soda, as it would save a lot of kids appetites, that they always drink too much soda, there should be a tax on it,” said Talan, Guilford.


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