Fire breaks out at a Waterbury condominium complex

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — A fire at a Waterbury condo complex leaves families searching for a place to live. Eight families are now trying to figure out where to stay.

“They said boom boom get out it’s a fire. I said a fire, I looked out and big flames. Red flames,” said Dennis Roundtree.

Waking up to a raging fire, all Dennis Roundtree could think about was getting himself and his family out safely. The fire started in his next door neighbors condo, but he knew his home would too be affected.

And three doors down, another adjoining unit also feels the heat.

“Surprising and I didnt know what was going on until I walked in my house and a blob of smoke came out,” said a woman.

Hours after the flames are gone and the firefighters have left, people are able to get close to the building or at least what’s left of it.

The door is all that remains of this badly burned condominium and the apartment next door is also damaged but not as badly so they’re inside trying to salvage whatever they can and they are not alone.

“Took my TV out took the wall unit flat screens out. I got their games out stuff like that that we could just carry out,” said Roundtree.

Both sides of Waterville street blocked off due to condo fire

Waterville Street is blocked off due to a condo fire WTNH/Bradley O’Conner

Several of the eight families who lived in this complex have come back for their valuable and one family is going beyond that.

” Cause I am not leaving my stuff here while everything is pitch black and I am just waiting for CL&P to turn everything back on,” said

She says she plans to stay in her home in the dark and the cold even if the electricity can’t be turned on again. But Roundtree family says they are going to make the best of their new start staying in a hotel the red cross has provided for the next few days then after that.

“The landlord is going to put us up in a hotel for as long as that takes to get done,” said Roundtree.

The Waterbury Fire Department says they have no word on when the electricity will be restored to the complex.

CL&P was also contacted to find out when the electricity will be restored. They said will work closely with the fire department to make sure it’s safe to turn on again.

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