Malloy unveils new plan to end veteran homelessness

WTNH– To a packed room at a Hartford homeless shelter Governor Dannel Malloy unveils new details on a plan to end veteran homelessness in Connecticut by 2015.

Part of that plan is to fill houses that have already been set aside for veteran housing in Rocky Hill. As reported last week, these houses have sat almost entirely empty for years.

“If a veteran wants a roof over their head,” said Malloy. “We’re going to put a roof over their head”

The multi-million dollar, multi-pronged plan would either offer veterans transitional housing or help with security deposit costs.

One part of the plan is filling the houses at “Patriots Landing,” five three-bedroom homes that sit directly across from the states Department of Veteran Affairs facility in Rocky Hill. State records show that they have been sitting virtually empty for years.

Deputy Commissioner Joseph Perkins chalks it up to no one wanting to follow the states rules.

“We had some issues with behavior in some cases,” said Perkins.

Leighton Morris used to work for the Department of Veteran Affairs. A former homeless veteran himself, he was tasked with cleaning these homes. He is angry that the houses stayed empty for so long.

“It gives me an emptiness inside knowing that there are facilities that are available and you have veterans that are living on the street,” said Morris in New Haven. He is now living in Section 8 housing.

The governors proposal would spend $500,000 to review all of the state owned facilities to see what could be renovated to house the veterans. He expects the Patriots Landing houses to be filled by October.

“I think that the state, the VA missed some opportunities,” said Malloy.

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