Voice of the People: Feb. 11, 2014

WTNH– Many of you expressing more outrage and support for Mayor Toni Harp’s proposed tax on soda. Here’s tonight’s voice of the people.

“Why is it the government is always trying to stick their nose into our personal lives. Don’t they have enough issues with other things. This taxing on soda, give me a break,” said Dawn, Shelton.

“I do believe there should be a tax on soft drinks, especially the high sugar ones, because I don’t feel their healthy for you,” said April, Waterbury.

“How dare they do that, they want to fight obesity, that’s peoples free will whether or not they want to drink sugary soda or not,” said Forrest, New Haven.

“What does she think she’s Mayor Bloomberg? People have the right to eat and drink whatever they want, if they wanna be thin, they wanna be thin, if they wanna be fat, they wanna be fat. It’s not the politicians to supervise what people eat and drink,” said anonymous, New Haven.

“Absolutely ridiculous, she should worry about running the city of New Haven instead of worrying about putting taxes on the people that are already struggling in this world,” said Bob, Milford.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea. I think that’s great, I think the mayor came up with a good idea and hopefully we will have a lot of success in that,” said Anna, Milford.

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