Woman accused of trying kill mother, 70

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Police say a 70-year-old woman was brutally tortured by her own daughter. But the big question being raised could this all have been prevented.

The woman evidently told mental health experts that very day she felt unstable and wanted to hurt someone but her cries for help appear to have been ignored.

“The first thing she said was how much to you love me. She proceeded to hug her mother and then throw her to the ground and continue to assault her after that,” said Detective Sgt. Eric Rocheleau, West Hartford Police Department.

Police say the assault went on for three hours at this West Hartford house. A 70-year- old mother attacked and tortured by her own daughter.

“To hear everything that this 70-year-old victim went through, I would describe as brutal,” said Rocheleau.

Police say they have arrested 47-year-old Gail Litski for attempted murder after she admitting to stabbing and slashing her mom with a kitchen knife, burning her with a cigarette lighter, choking her, and trying to electrocute her with water and the electric kitchen stove.

All the while yelling “why won’t you die.”

But what brought on the attack?

“I think it’s pretty clear that she has made a pretty good cry for help. That she has issues and needs to be treated for them,” said Rocheleau.

Police say Gail Litski is known to them for mental health issues in the past and that she made several statements to them. She said she was down at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and she still had on the band on her wrist saying she was trying to get checked in for mental health problems.

The hospital there is not commenting on her status, however she says she reached out a couple of other times to a couple of other agencies and each time she got turned down.

“She did check into the hospital but we have not confirmed that yet. We know she was in the hospital but we don’t know what she was treated for yet,” said Rocheleau.

News 8 talked to the family, they did not want to go on camera saying their grandmother is recovering from her wounds, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

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