Harp: city needs help handling storm

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– New Haven mayor Toni Harp is asking people to be patient and a parking ban will be in effect from midnight until six o’clock Friday morning.

But the mayor says the city doesn’t have the resources to handle the job and is asking the state and federal government for help.

The mayor left little doubt about how the severity of the storm and the city’s need for assistance.

“I am declaring a state of emergency disaster,” said Mayor Toni Harp, (D) New Haven.

That declaration includes potentially calling in the National Guard to help in clearing the streets and federal reimbursement to help pay the tab for storm-related costs.

“It’s been an accumulation of storm on top of storm and potentially another storm this weekend, three storms back to back, it’s going to take some resources,” said Rick Fontana, Director of Emergency Operations.

One major priority, trucking out the mounds of snow that have already piled up around the city so those plows can get through.

“It’s going to require more resources than we have so we’re calling on state and federal government to help us,” said Harp.

City Hall says although they have a solid plan of attack, the job won’t be quick or easy.

They can also use the public’s help.

“We’ll certainly be out there shoveling, but I ask the public if they have a hydrant in front of your house and if you have an electrical wires out there, stay away from them,” said Chief Michael Grant, New Haven Fire Department.

Words to live by in a city trying to fight through another winter wallop.

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