Snow & rain for southeastern corner

GROTON, Conn. (WTNH)– By late morning in southeastern corner, the snow had turned to rain but not before at least a few inches had fallen.

No hood, no worries. Pablo Ortega got creative in his quest to stay dry while clearing snow.

“I think I didn’t come prepared so I just brought one of my trash bags that I use in there so I can cover, because it’s going to be turning into wet snow later. I think into rain so just want to protect my jacket a little bit from getting wet,” said Ortega.

Ortega cleared out space in front of his Groton restaurant so he could make room for his car

“It’s heavy like I said I tried to clean this by here, but it’s heavy,” said Ortega.

Neither task was easy but eventually he got it out and let the town take over this clean up.

Crews first tackled the roads while the sidewalks waited. Some folks on foot walking maybe a little too close for comfort to passing cars.

“I have to walk in the road cause it’s like if you can see, if you look down here, these are like regular work boots they’re not snow boots,” said Shane Mathis, Groton.

No matter what you wore it was hard to stay dry once the snow gave way to the soaking rain.

“I’ve lived in New England all my life so this is nothing to me. Everybody panics and gets all freaked out and stuff… just another day,” said Bill Bachinski, Groton.

Right now it’s just a slushy mess. That car was able to make it up but as the road freezes over it’s going to be tough getting up a hill.


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