Winter storm cancelling dozens of flights

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WTNH) — This is not the day to be trying to fly out of any airport in the Northeast and Bradley International is certainly no exception.

Bradley is dealing with eighty flight cancellations and delays. If you’re trying to get somewhere, make sure to check with your carrier first. Chances are it’s been canceled and rebooking may be very tough because of the upcoming school vacation week.

The snow removal crews at Bradley have been working non-stop since 2 AM, and the airport has remained open all day, the problem again is not enough airplanes coming in.

More than 70 percent of the flights into and out of Bradley cancelled because of airport closings in a large chunk of the country.

“In Raleigh, and they’re expecting a couple more today and they got a couple of inches of ice on top of it,” said Randy Poole, Raleigh, NC.

“Pretty much there’s no way out til tomorrow and who knows if that will even work,” said Ben Brewer, Columbus, OH.

“We’re headed to Miami and crossing our fingers, flight is still scheduled but we have to go to Atlanta, so I don’t know,” said Pat Friedt, Southington.

The big problem this time is if you don’t get away Thursday or Friday, you may be out of luck.

“School vacation is next week…all of those flights are fully booked so there’s not a lot of seats available to rebook folks that are being cancelled today,” said Kevin Dillon, Bradley Airport.

“We drove from Albany, New York this morning, we’re trying to get to Disneyworld…I’ve got Mickey and Minnie on our nails and we’re ready to go…all the flights were full, everything’s cancelled, you couldn’t get out til Tuesday,” said Megan Lenigan, Albany, New York.

The airlines are making a special effort to get planes here Thursday night but we won’t know much about Friday until sometime tonight.

Once again all the hotels there a booked solid, one man said he was told he might not get out til Sunday.

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