Commuters angry over Metro North snowstorm snafu

commuters Friday

New Haven, Conn. (WTNH)–Friday was another commuter nightmare for Metro North, as riders were left waiting on platforms for hours because of crowded trains. The railroad decided to operate on a Saturday schedule following the snow storm. That’s one train running per hour.

“Friday is is a big trend day for a lot of people,” said commuter Sophia Szymkowiak. “A lot of people travel on Friday so it’s probably not the best day to do that.”

Metro North cut back service because of the impact of Thursday’s winter storm, but the weather Friday was not an issue.

“One train running an hour is subpar,” said commuter Abigail Clayton.

Senator Richard Blumenthal said that scaling back service in the midst of Friday’s rush hour is unthinkable, and said riders crammed in a moving space  is a big safety concern.

“I will be exploring those safety issues with the railroad because we need to know whether anybody was in danger as a result the pack capacity,” Blumenthal said.

In response to Friday morning’s ride, the railroad said it was adding extra trains during the evening commute.

Riders told News 8 that even with the extra trains, it was still jam-packed.

“They’re pretty crowded. But I was able to get a seat on the train,” said commuter Richard Ferguson.

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