Giant pink dome pops up in New Haven

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Amid the white and gray snow and dreary winter colors, the giant pink dome in the middle of downtown New Haven certainly stands out.

The dome is in the middle of York Square where York, Broadway and Elm Streets come together. It’s right in the middle of the Yale campus and that’s the idea. The dome is brought to us by Victoria’s Secret in order to get students thinking about Spring Break.

Inside, there are palm trees, a juice bar and everything looks pink inside. That is not an accident, as Pink is the name of Victoria’s Secret’s new line of swimwear aimed at college co-eds.

PHOTOS: Victoria’s Secret New Haven Tent

“I’m actually going home to California and then Florida, so I have plenty of use for a two piece,” said Jacqui Levere, junior at Yale.

Students at Yale thought that the pink dome was an interesting idea.

“Yeah, I mean like we can’t get to Victoria’s secret easily on campus because there’s not one on campus,” said Levere.

pink 2

Students and shoppers stood in line outside the tent before it was opened to the public. WTNH/Nicole Biancuzzo

After today, the dome will pack up and leave New Haven. It will hit six more places, ending up in Florida for Spring break. Instead of a respite from the winter cold, it will be a cooling station on the beach, where kids can get some juice and maybe buy a swimsuit too. 

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