Foxwoods Good News – Meriden children’s bobsled competition

MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The thrill of competition was in the air at the Fairy Tales Child Care Development Center even before the kids hit the mountain.

“We as a center and teachers wanted to get the kids involved in this special occasion,” said Colleen Murphy, Fairytale Child Development Center. 

The children divided up into three teams representing Jamaica, Canada and the U.S.A. and competed in hand-made bobsleds created by the children, with perhaps a little help from Mom and Dad.

‘They made them out of their own materials, some used cardboard, others actually used plywood and put skies underneath them, we’ve got plastic buckets so they were pretty creative in the way they made there sleds,” said Colleen.

Then, with anticipation rising, it was race time. What all of the competitors wanted was a chance to finally test their skills.

meriden school bobsled

Although not every run was picture perfect, everybody walked away from this competition as a winner.

“We actually are having a little ceremony, of course all the kids will get metals for their participation,’ said Colleen.

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