Parking lots for parking ban in bad shape

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– A parking ban is still in effect in New Haven for nearly 40 streets. But Wednesday, the parking lots where people are supposed to park aren’t in good shape.

Kevin Dickson is parking at Lincoln Basset Elementary School for the next week. It’s one of several schools open during the week long parking ban but he has to drive through slick slippery snow when he gets in the lot.

“If they are going to have this lot for people to park as a alternate from parking on there street I think they should have it cleared or at least maintained,” said Kevin Dickson, New Haven Resident.

People are complaining that in some cases, the designated lots at schools are in worse shape than the streets.

“I got stuck here twice and I had to push and shove and get my car out of here,” said Dickson.

Dickson says the parking lot hasn’t been cleared at any point during the ban, now it’s snowy and soon to be icy but this isn’t the only school parking lot that needs attention.

The lot at Clement Leadership Academy is covered under a smaller sheet of snow but with rain Wednesday, it’s going to get icy and dangerous if someone doesn’t plow.

The parking ban is a necessary inconvenience especially on streets like this where the mounds of snow in the street are almost as tall as the people who live on them.

But some drivers say there isn’t enough plowing getting done during the ban.

“You tow it for snow but it’s not work getting done over here this is ridiculous,” said Dickson.

A city spokesperson says they usually bring in contractors to plow the lots but since schools are off this week they are not going to do that so you will need to be careful.


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