Police: man offered to shovel then broke into car

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WNTH) – Police say one man was offering to shovel off driveways, and when he was turned down he broke into a car.

For the second time in one month, somebody approached a New London home and asked residents if they needed their driveway cleared after a snow storm. Once they were denied, police say they committed a crime. In this case, the victim says the suspect broke into this car.

That victim did not want to talk on camera, but said that 42-year-old Luis Moya asked to shovel their Montauk Avenue driveway and was in their unlocked car over an hour after declining his offer. Earlier this month, another would-be shoveler became a would-be thief.

“He knocked on the door looking for payment, asked for a glass of water. The person let him inside he knocked him to the ground and stole his wallet,” said Deputy Chief Peter Reichard, New London Police.

That victim on Elm Street did not want to be identified. He is not happy about what happened with the suspect shoveler.

When asked if he would be a bit leery about people coming to the door now, he replied “…well I have a gun now.”

Police say that if you do not want your driveway shoveled, simply say no. But, make note of what the person is wearing and what they look like in case there is trouble later.

“My wife is home by herself a lot, so in that case I’d be worried sure,” said Steve Pearson, New London.

Never let strangers in the house or chase them. That is what the Montauk Avenue victim did and when police caught up with the suspect, he did not just have a stolen GPS in his backpack.

“They did find a large straight edged knife on him, so I would caution anybody not to follow anybody, because desperate people in desperate situations may resort to desperate means,” said Deputy Chief Reichard.

The victim said that adrenaline took over and that is why he decided to take off and chase after the man. However, now that he knows what was in the backpack and thinks about it more, he says that he would not do it again.


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