Winter weather causing blood supply shortage

FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Due to the inclement winter weather, many people who normally give blood have been unable to. News 8’s Jeff Valin discusses the growing emergency when it comes to blood donations.

The recent pummeling of winter white has blood supplies in the red throughout the country.

“Since January 2nd through February 17th we’ve lost nearly 1500 blood drives over 34 states, including Washington, D.C., which has resulted in 50,000 units of lost blood and platelet donations,” said Kimberly Moreland, Red Cross District Manager.

Not just walk-in traffic is at a standstill- much of the hemorrhage, so to speak, has been indirect.

“We run many blood drives at high schools, and when high schools cancel because of the snow, we lose a blood drive if we were scheduled to be there that day,” she said.

Given the brief shelf life of blood components, the Red Cross says that it is going to take a steady stream of donations to get them out of this rut.

“We’re always looking for groups to come out and sponsor blood drives, helping us find brand new donors. We’re losing donors every day, for many reasons, so we’re always looking to get some help getting new donors and getting sponsors to support our existing blood drives,” said Moreland.

All blood types are needed, but those in shortest supply are A-negative, B-negative, O-negative, and O-positive. All of the information you need to donate locally is at

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