Plows and snow damaging mailboxes

OLD LYME, Conn. (WTNH) –With plows and snow denting and knocking mailboxes off of their posts, who is supposed to pay for the repairs?

“Actually the damage is done by the snow hitting the boxes not the plow,” said Ed Adanti, Old Lyme Public Words Director.

He says that his Public Works crews have replaced as many as twenty mailboxes and repaired about ten so far.

“Take all these screws out, put this board back on the post, and re-nail the bottom of it,” said Bob Sweeney, Old Lyme Public Works.

Crews also replace posts, and that means digging through the snow and frozen ground to get the mail boxes back in place.

“We try to match whatever they have color-wise, we put their names back on them we stencil the number,”

They’ll even replace fancier and bigger boxes. The resident just has to buy it – the town will reimburse the cost and install the box. said Adanti.

Repairing and replacing damaged mailboxes. WTNH/Tina Detelj
Repairing and replacing damaged mailboxes. WTNH/Tina Detelj

The state and most towns will fix any damage done by these big guys, but in Old Lyme they do it and offer other help without even being asked.

“We’ll go as far as going down the road if we see an elderly person shoveling or something, we’ll actually go in and open up their driveway for them to make it easier for them to get out,” said Adanti. 

Now they are on to the next mailbox, keeping busy in between snow storms. 

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