Former Gov. Rowland under investigation for corruption

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–It is becoming increasingly clear that federal investigators are circling former Gov. John Rowland once again.

Rowland spent a year in federal prison a decade ago for corruption in office. He had resigned in the face of certain impeachment.

He now works as a radio talk show host.

But two years ago, Rowland was also receiving what he has told News 8 were ‘consulting fees’ from a business owned by then Republican Congressional candidate Lisa Wilson Foley’s husband.

Rowland also told us he was volunteering for her campaign.

But another Republican candidate that year, businessman Mark Greenberg says he has testified before the federal grand jury that Rowland approached him about consulting his campaign in 2010.

Greenberg said Rowland wanted to be paid under the table, an arrangement Greenberg says he rejected.

Now the “Hartford Courant” is reporting that Wilson-Foley’s husband is cooperating with federal investigators in an apparent effort to keep his wife from being prosecuted.

Hiding campaign expenditures is a violation of federal law.

The biggest irony in this story is that the man that made the initial complaint about all this is Mike Clark, who was another Republican candidate for congress that year.

Clark is the former FBI agent whose investigation helped to put Rowland in federal prison ten years ago.

Rowland has recently hired a well-known Washington D.C. law firm to represent him as the nearly two year old investigation continues.

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