Middletown couple tells cautionary tale about roof collapse

Middletown, Conn. (WTNH)– Building a frame is a lot like life. You make your own path, and what you do with it is in your hands.

  Dimitri D’Alessandro and his wife Rusa know all about looking back on life.  From the window of their Middletown store on Main Street, they can see the past.

Three years ago in February, their business was forced to move across the roadway because of heavy snow and roof that couldn’t support it. 

“We lost everything in the blink of an eye, we just lost everything,” said Rusa.

It was like just out of a movie really, with the bricks strewn across the street and emergency vehicles everywhere,” Dimitri said. 

It was an afternoon in nature eerily similar to the one Friday.

“It was lightly misting with a mix of of rain coming down,” said Dimitri.

Those who were there say they know this because its etched in their memory forever but for some that mark is deeper than others.

Like Craig Vincellete, who works next door as a firefighter. 

“I just remember leaving the sound of the bricks coming down,” Vincellete said. “I got halfway there and dove across a big pile of snow just missed the bricks.” 

“I have a bunch of tattoos, and this one just reminds me of that day and how close I came,” he said.

Whether you were there or not, there’s a lesson to be learned.

 Firefighters say there are things you can do to help keep your home safe from heavy snow. All you have to do is make sure you have a snow rake.

In life we all have moments where we don’t know what to do.

“We were like, what do we do? Do we reopen?” Rusa said.

Dimitri and Rusa say its how we answer that question which defines who we are, even if snow is in the equation.

“We love doing this, this is who we are,” Rusa said.

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