Snow and rain cause flood concerns

NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH) — The excess of water caused by melting snow and rain may lead to possible flooding.

Mounds of snow are covering up storm drains and causing cars to be blocked in, creating a problem for plows trying to properly clean the streets.

“Every snowstorm we have to clear them out, because if we don’t clear them there’s nowhere for the water to go,” said Anthony Blue.

The water pounding on the frozen ground may cause roads to turn into more of a lake if the rain gets heavier.

Norwich’s Emergency Management Director, Gene Arters, says that it may be a tough commute home with the fog and flooding. He warns people not to swerve into oncoming cars while trying to avoid puddles.

Arters says that sandbags will only help protect doorways from flowing water, it will not stop the water from seeping into basements.

“It is a lot of water, and considering the fact that we have high snow over here, it just continues to build up and build up.” Said Anthony Blue, Norwich.

When asked if he thought his basement would get flooded he replied, “yes ma’am yeah I do.”

Right now, the amount of snow on the ground equals about four inches of rainfall. Anthony Blue is the caretaker at this Norwich estate. There is something he can do to try to divert the water away from the house.

“Like over here is to create drainage channels every foot or so, so the water once it fills up, it’s spilling out and not going in,” said Arters.

If you know of a drain covered in snow, the city says to mark it and let crews know where it is so that they can clear it.

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