Memorial Mass held for protesters killed in Ukraine

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)–  Ukrainian Americans joined by Mayor Harp and Senator Blumenthal came together Sunday to show support for protesters killed in Kiev this week and for those living in Ukraine while tensions are still high.

It’s Sunday Mass at St. Michael’s Ukraine church but not a typical Sunday Mass.

Inside, the New Haven Ukrainian community prayed for loved ones living and dying for political freedom in Ukraine.

And outside, Ukrainian Americans took advantage of one our most important freedoms …. freedom of speech.

“And Yanukovich and who was actually sitting at the right hand of the Devil who was Putin has totally destroyed Ukraine,” said Luba Shumylo, Ukranian American.

“It’s just very important for all of us to see a free Ukraine,” said Christine Melnik.

Just days ago, dozens of protesters in Kiev were murdered for just trying stand up for their political beliefs.


In New Haven were candles, prayers, and hope.

“What can we do just hope and pray that everything gets better there,” said Amelia Iwaniw.

Some dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothes, others like typical Americans but none forgetting where they come from, offering spiritual and financial support for their brothers and sisters back home.

Behind the walls of St. Michaels church, money trickled in and prayers poured out all with the hopes of making a difference thousands of miles away.

Wishing they could do more for the their friends and family in Ukraine, but money, prayers, and a show of solidarity is about all they could give Sunday.

“We do see some progress and hopefully it will continue,” said Mike Lipcan, St. Michael’s Church.

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