Shoreline East Train Derailment in New Haven

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– There was more trouble on the rails Tuesday night, but this time a derailment on Shore Line East. No one was hurt but the scramble is underway to get things fixed by the morning commute.

That Shore Line East derailment happened in New Haven right in the middle of the evening rush Tuesday night.

Shuil Ahmed commutes home to Branford for Manhattan every day, transferring in New Haven to Shore Line East. But not Tuesday night.

“I have no clue,” said Ahmed. “Sometimes some information, other times nothing at all.”

What was happening was a Shoreline train derailed headed west into New Haven around 5 PM. Officials say the front two wheels came off the track of the lead car.

Fourteen people were on board at the time but no one was hurt. News 8 was told those commuters were picked up by another train in under an hour.

Shoreline East Cancelation

“A big pain, just one of the many frustrations doing Shore Line East with the commuter run from New York,” said Ahmed.

Commuters getting off at Union Station from Grand Central found “canceled” on the board for Shore Line East.

Gina Alfvevy just wanted to get to Branford. As News 8 was talking to her, there was an announcement for the last call for the Shore Line information room.

“There’s a bus yes, but who knows when I’ll get home,” said Alfvevy.

The ladies were happy to see the bus, frustrated the only way they learned of any trouble one the tracks was through social media.

“Through Facebook,” one passenger said. “We didn’t know anything from the train station, just buses waiting for us. We couldn’t get Shore Line East.”

An 8 p.m. bus was the last out of New Haven taking commuters to stops along the Shoreline. A welcomed sound when home becomes even more of a desired destination.

About 2,500 passengers take Shore Line East everyday. Amtrak and the Connecticut Department of Transportation are working to figure out what caused the derailment, a problem the with the tracks or the train, or even if something was on the tracks.

An Amtrak spokesperson told News 8 they expect normal train service in the morning.

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