Voice of the People: Feb. 25, 2014

WTNH– This week’s video of a Bridgeport principal dragging students down the hall has gone viral. And many of you have called in to voice your opinion on the video. Here’s tonight’s voice of the people.

“I’m calling about the incident with the schoolteacher, if that would have been any parent, they would have been arrested, the kid would have been taken out of the house, they would have never been able to see their child again. But a principal was caught dragging a kid and gets to keep her job and gets to teach children again, I think that’s so unfair,” said Anonymous, Darien.

“I think the teacher’s right, when I was going to school, the teachers were allowed to give us a spanking if we weren’t listening to the teacher,” said Sue, New Haven.

“Discipline begins at home but that doesn’t give any teacher, principal, superintendent, security officer the right to drag a child down the hall.  I think she should have been fired,” said Ruth, East Haven.

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