Connecticut State Police to target tailgaters

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — State police want you to stop tailgating. State police are kicking off a campaign that targets tailgaters out on the highway.

You know the feeling when you look in the rear view mirror and you see that car coming closer and closer.

“Their lights get in the mirror and I can’t see,” said John Esdile, New Haven.

“I get aggravated. Are in you in that much of a rush?” said Kristi Salvo, Wallingford.

Some drive to avoid it all together…

“Try to stay more in the middle or the right hand side,” said Salvo. “I don’t like when people are on my tail.”

State Police don’t like it either because it’s against the law.

That’s why in March they’re starting, Operation: You’re too Close. So, they say they’ll be on the look out along the state’s highway for offenders.

Since the beginning of the year nearly 1,000 tickets have already been given out.

“A lot of accidents on the highways and if it brings forth better safety I’m all for it,” said Anthony Moye, Fair Haven.

Police say nearly 50 percent of all accidents are caused by tailgating.

“I’ve got hit in the back a few times a bunch of times actually. You should be that close that you have to run into somebody,” said John Esdile, New Haven.

Three seconds that’s how long you should have to break accord to police and if you don’t, a ticket it will cost you $130.

Another reason why they’re saying….

“Don’t tailgate,” said Moye.


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