Surveillance released of van that hit little girl

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– New Haven police are still desperately trying to find the driver of a white van that hit a 9-year-old girl and took off on Tuesday.

Police released bus surveillance video where you can hear the girl being hit. And it’s chilling.

Investigators say that the girl had just asked a bus driver if the bus was going to “Elm City.” The bus driver told her no.

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Then she warns her to be careful crossing the street and that’s when you hear the terror in the bus driver’s voice as the girl is struck.

Police also have a picture of the Chevrolet Express Cargo van that hit the girl. It’ s a 1996-2002 model. It’s white with a grey front bumper. The vehicle has damage to the front passenger side near or involving the headlamp, police said.

white van

The 9-year-old girl suffered severe facial injuries. She has been released from the hospital but has a long recovery ahead, police said. If you see a white van that matches that description, you’re urged to call police at 203-946-6304.

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